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Exploring the Glamorous World of Yachting Travel and Leisure

Yacht travel offers adventure, luxury and relaxation all in one package. Enjoy Michelin-level cuisine, onboard spa therapists and gym facilities, outdoor entertainment decks with cinemas – your options for fun are truly limitless.

New Zealand’s Bay of Islands offer spectacular scenery for any visitor to enjoy, whether they prefer rugged beauty or Maori culture. Visitors can explore these islands via bike, kayak or on foot.

1. The Emerald Coast of Sardinia

The Emerald Coast of Sardinia is an exquisite stretch of white sand, luxurious resorts and super yachts popular among billionaires and celebrities from around the globe. Situated north of Olbia on this Mediterranean island of Sardinia, this area provides a haven for luxury travel. Additionally, some of Europe’s top golf courses can be found here as well as an abundance of activities and attractions for visitors.

This region is known for its vibrant emerald waters that shimmer under the sun on powder-soft beaches stretching along 55 kilometers of coast. These beaches are flanked by pine trees and olive groves which create a striking visual contrast with both bright blue sea water and lush green landscape. Furthermore, seafood plays an integral part in many restaurant menus throughout this area.

La Maddalena National Park, situated on a cluster of islands in Sardinia’s Gulf, is one of the Mediterranean’s premier natural attractions, attracting wildlife lovers and adventurers alike. Boasting stunning vistas as well as sandy coves and granite formations, La Maddalena should not be missed when touring this part of Italy!

History enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the area’s archaeological sites, which date back to the Iron Age – such as Nuraghe Albicciu and Li Muri Tomba dei Giganti, both located nearby. There are also several ancient churches worth seeing and numerous villages worth discovering here.

Summer in this area is full of energy, filled with people and events – an ideal time to visit this cosmopolitan destination and take in its energy! It is the ideal setting for beach vacations.

Springtime is an excellent season to explore the Emerald Coast. Temperatures are comfortable without becoming oppressive and beaches remain free from crowds. Additionally, this time is also great for exploring Sardinia’s interior – including its picturesque forests and charming towns.

2. Dubai

Dubai is the vacation hotspot of the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for modern attractions like Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls featuring aquariums and indoor ski slopes, as well as cultural highlights and family fun, Dubai provides visitors with an exciting vacation destination.

This city-state boasts some of the world’s fanciest hotels, malls and theme parks, while its prime location and generous tax breaks from its government make it a major international business hub, according to The Culture Trip. Furthermore, travelers flying between Europe and Asia frequently use its airport – it saw 29 million passengers last year according to Expatica!

Dubai boasts numerous tourist attractions, and also is home to an eclectic community that speaks more than 200 different languages. Additionally, this bustling metropolis is also renowned as a shopping mecca offering luxurious brands at great bargains.

One of the best ways to experience Dubai is aboard a dhow cruise – a traditional wooden boat offering visitors an exclusive perspective of both its waterfront and cityscapes. Additionally, these cruises include dinner and drinks as well as live entertainment!

Dubai may be associated with high-end shopping and luxury hotels, but visiting on a budget is possible. Private hotels may cost as little as $50 USD per night and meals may cost only $10-$15 each day. In addition to budget travel options, Dubai provides plenty of opportunities to see fireworks shows and attend celebrations of special holidays like Ramadan or Eid ul Fitr.

If you’re planning a visit to Dubai, make sure you visit between January and February for the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. Attracting shoppers from around the globe, shoppers will enjoy discounts, special events and celebrity appearances during this annual festival. In addition, Global Village, claimed as the world’s first cultural, entertainment, and family destination offers a diverse array of cuisines, shops and exhibits as well as concerts and performances throughout its run.

3. Monaco

Monaco may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but this doesn’t make it any less luxurious and exotic! From watching a changing of guards at Prince’s Palace (home of Grimaldi dynasty) to visiting Monte-Carlo Casino where James Bond could possibly make an appearance, Monaco provides plenty to see and do in Europe’s little corner of paradise.

Monaco offers one of the best experiences around when it comes to luxury boat rides: catamaran trips are a fantastic way to discover its breathtaking Mediterranean waters, while experiencing some of Europe’s most charming cities and ports from a different perspective. Although not cheap, this experience will surely leave an indelible mark.

Visit the Oceanographic Museum – this unique facility houses not only an aquarium but a vast amount of information on marine life as well as Monaco’s connection to it and how important the ocean has been in shaping their economy. Indulge in a fascinating tour!

Visitors who want to explore Monaco’s rich and intriguing history should pay a visit to the Museum of Stamps and Coins. Although it might appear only of interest to philatelists, there’s actually plenty to see here including all kinds of coins and stamps issued over time as well as equipment used to print them.

Larvotto Beach provides the ideal mix of sun and sand enjoyment. Open to the public, this exquisite stretch of sand provides the ideal place to soak up some rays while taking advantage of nearby restaurants and cafes that serve delicious bites while you unwind on its shores.

Monaco offers an abundance of activities to do on a yachting vacation, so be sure to include this vibrant country as part of your plans. From visiting its world-famous museums and attractions to enjoying romantic dinners or taking in live performances – Monaco truly has something for everyone.

4. New York City

New York is a sprawling metropolis, and with so many luxurious yachts on display it can be daunting to select one for a luxurious vacation. But according to Burke, selecting one should not depend on aesthetics alone but on which amenities, onboard services and experiences will bring the greatest satisfaction.

New York Water taxi tours provide an unforgettable way to experience New York cityscape by water, with services including Circle Line, Hudson River Cruises and New York Water Taxi offering hop-on hop-off tours with flexible pass options that allow passengers to stop and go whenever it suits them.

For first-time visitors to New York City, the New York City Explorer Pass offers convenient access to its top attractions and tours for one convenient price. Valid for 30 days of sightseeing adventures tailored to suit individual interests.

Manhattan may be at the core of NYC, but Brooklyn and Queens may offer just as much to visitors. These neighborhoods provide visitors with an authentic local experience while boasting unique food and drink scenes; Brooklyn in particular is known for being a hipster mecca offering everything from authentic Mexican fare to bold Eastern European dishes.

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As more countries open up travel restrictions, more yachts may become available for charter in exotic locales around the globe. Private yacht chartering may lead to more adventurous itineraries that provide guests with freedom of creating their ideal vacation experience.